Custom Copper Projects

custom copper gutters portland oregon

1. Custom Copper Gutter Systems

Gutters are an important feature of your house. They protect your roof and your home’s exterior from the frequent rainfall that we enjoy here in the Portland Metro Area. To properly protect your home, you need gutters that effectively drain water from your roof and away from your house.

Typically, gutters are focused purely on function and are made to blend in to your home. They end up turning dingy and falling into disrepair, detracting from your curb appeal.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your gutter system was an attractive, architectural detail, instead? We can create a custom copper gutter system that will not only look amazing and make your neighbors jealous, but copper gutters will also add value to your home.

Copper gutters are a functional, durable, beautiful and valuable investment. Ready to impress your neighbors
with a gorgeous new copper gutter system? We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in copper!

copper roofing portland oregon2. Copper Roofing

Nothing is quite as stunning as copper roofing. What stops most homeowners from installing a copper roof, however, is their perception of its expense. Below is a chart that breaks down the respective costs of installing a metal roof vs. having a composite roof. You will discover that copper roofing is actually less expensive over the life of a metal roof than composite roofing.

Liberty Sheet Metal specializes in copper roofing projects. Contact us today to learn how you can transform your home from average to exceptional!


3. View Our Copper Project Gallery

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